Sunday, July 31, 2011

first chemo weekend

Saturday wasn't too bad. I had low grade nausea, a few aches, and some fatigue which hit mostly at the end of the day. Aside from that, I felt relatively ok. I even hopped on the exercise bike for a bit just to get the blood pumping. However, I wasn't completely myself, and I'm still not up for talking. Generally speaking, day 1 was ok. 

Today met me with more nausea and much more sluggishness (is that a word?). I spent the majority of the day in bed. For anyone who knows me, you know that this is quite rare. Most weekends we are double and triple booked. Sometimes doing multiple things in multiple states (I'm looking at you, Pennsy). So to have a whole weekend of nothing, including a sunday spent laid up in bed, well, that's just plain weird. 

I know it's normal. Kicking cancer's ass is hard work and it can make you tired sometimes. My oncologist described what the weekend would be like quite well. She told me it wouldn't be as bad as people had it years ago, but it wouldn't be fun. She said that drumming up enough energy to get a glass of water would be a huge event. She was right. I remember Gram needing her few days of rest after her treatment. Those were the days when we skipped our daily chats to let her regroup. The body's just doing it's thing. I'm ok with it because I know it's gotta do some of this in order to be effective. Truthfully though, I can't wait for this whole experience to be behind me. 

Here's this week's schedule:
-tomorrow is my neulasta shot which is the shot to help boost white blood cells count. Then I wait to see what that does to me. They say the most common side effect is bone pain, much like the achey-ness one gets with the flu. Oh joy. 
-Wednesday is the blood work to see how my blood cells are holding up. 
-Thursday is a visit to the reconstructive surgeon, but only if my blood count is good enough.
-Friday is Steve's birthday. Poor thing. Not exactly the best birthday week I guess. 

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