Sunday, July 3, 2011

every day a little stronger.

Each day, I see a little bit of improvement, progress. It's not as rapid as I would like, but it's definitely there. I know that each day, I get a little closer to being a true survivor. Today was a low-key day. I was sadly not ready to go to a bbq with some awesome friends. I know they understood, but I hope they know I missed being there as much as they missed me. I wish I was back to normal, but I am getting closer.

The tail end of this past week was a dark one for me. Fear and doubt clouded my mind. But I pushed through. I just kept telling myself "I am going to beat this. I am going to survive" over and over and over again.  And I felt a little bit of sun shining through the clouds over time.

I actually was strong enough to walk for a half hour around mom and dad's neighborhood and didn't need a nap immediately. See, progress!

I can cut my own meat and sometimes open my own prescription bottle again. (sad the things that impress me).

As I walked this evening, the sky was a beautiful, funky shade of pink, almost as though it were especially made for me.

I think my drains are getting a little slower. I just want these damn things out already! I hope this is my last week with them in. I have an appointment with Dr Cohen on Thursday.

I didn't take a nap today.

I have only taken 2 motrin in the last 48 hours, and that was only because I had a headache.

I am able to get my hoodie on with minimal to no assistance.

If I do it slowly, I can reach the top shelf in my parents' pantry.

My range of motion is getting much better.

My pain is minimal...

Oh, and here's a funny side effect: boob cramps! Holy mother of God, they hurt! I think I hadn't been drinking enough water in the last day or so (which I have since fixed) and I got charlie horses in each of my boobs. Yikes! Since the expanders are under the chest muscles, I guess this is a funky side effect as the body adjusts. It takes pain to be beautiful. Sigh.

Here are some more post-mastectomy tips:
  • Google pink bra and get the mastectomy tanktop with drain pockets. This makes life much easier. This was passed on to me by another sister. They are comfy and helpful.
  • Get a chair to put in your shower when you have to have someone else wash your hair. It makes it easier on everyone.
  • Gently push yourself and do your stretching exercises. I haven't been perfect about this, but I am doing them. I think it is what is helping me to improve.


  1. I hear Chicago's "Feeling Stronger Every Day" playing in my head. Love ya!

  2. Keep that sunshine pouring through the clouds, the sun is always there. I love you!

  3. Keep up your wonderful progress Nicole!!!! You are doing great!!!! I think, or at least I hope, I am all caught up with your blog!!!!! Love, hugs, and prayers always!!!!!