Thursday, July 21, 2011

fill 'er up (7/20/11-posted a day late)

Today was a mixed day. The funeral was, well, a funeral. It was of course heartbreaking in many respects, especially when his kids got up and did a tribute to him. Despite the sadness, I was able to focus on being sad without freaking out about my situation. That was a huge step for me. When the worry would creep in, I found ways to distract my mind.

And despite a family member or two attempting to pop the "girls", they survived.

Then, I had my two doctor's appointments this afternoon.

Dr. Warden's appointment was short but sweet. She said I was healing up nicely. She also commented that my pathology profile is exactly the type she likes to see. Very treatable! I know I have heard this before, but this is the first time I have seen her since the full panel has been completed. She was very pleased about the her2 being negative. She confirmed that it means the tumors are somewhat less aggressive. She was also happy that I will be starting chemo soon. Ah, I love my validations.

Then I went to see Dr. Cohen as a follow up to the issue I was having last week. While I was there, she decided it was time to start the "expansion project". The whole process took about 10 minutes. It was interesting really. You can in fact feel the expansion going on. It's kind of like holding a water balloon in your hands while someone else turns on the faucet it's hooked up to. 80 cc's later, I'm sore, but more perky! Woohoo!

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