Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today was a therapeutic day in many ways. First off, I was cleared by Doc Warden to drive, so for the first time in a month, I was behind the wheel of the minivan! Look out Jersey drivers, I'm back! It was a little nerve-wracking, but at the same time, very liberating. I felt like the old me again. Independent, with a hint of road rage.

My first trip took me to the wellness community for creative writing therapy class. I was nervous at first that I was in over my head, but as the time went on, I really enjoyed it, and didn't want to leave when it was over. I hadn't written a haiku in about 20 years, but banged out 3 in a few minutes.

Searching for the words
Digging deep inside myself
fueling inner peace

Writing has been therapeutic for me since day one. Words have flowed from my fingers like water over rocks. I am not sure I could express the jumbles in my mind if I tried to do it verbally. In the class today, the words came naturally. I hope they continue to do so. We did poetry and fiction. I surprised myself as to how easily it flowed. It was predominently stream of consciousness. Perhaps I should write that novel after all. Ok, who knows how to get stuff published? I can write all I want, but it won't mean squat if I don't actually figure out what to do with it.

Then after my class, Jami and I went for lunch and then for a pedicure... Ahhh! I almost passed out in the chair. The woman offered to wax my eyebrows. I usually take her up on it, but to be honest, seems kind of pointless since they will likely fall out on their own in 3 weeks, don't you think?

On another note, my wig is in. I have to make an appointment to try it and make sure it's all good. Oh Lord, chemo keeps marching closer. Tomorrow is port insertion day. Yikes! Courtney said it just might feel a little weird for a few days. Well, since my entire upper half feels weird these days, what's one more foreign object? Oh how I wish I could make time stand still. It would be nice to just sit here, and have tonight drag on forever, watching my son use his newly-developed tumblesalting skills.

On a random note, I just saw on tv that there is a new Charlie's Angels series coming to Channel 7 this year. I wonder if it will be anywhere as good as I remember the old version being. Come on girls, admit it. I know at least several of you pretended to be Angels back in the day because I did! And ironically enough 3 of the Angels went on to fight breast cancer. The two that took conventional treatments like myself won their battles.

I felt more like a survivor today. Perhaps because I am starting to feel "normal" again, even if it will only last a week since chemo is rapidly approaching.

Onward ho!


  1. I love knowing what you're up to. Im so glad your writing group was enjoyable...and YAY! driving.. although being driven around must have been nice!! thank u for sharing your journey! It makes those of us who aren't so close geographically feel really close to you!Jackie

  2. "Words have flowed from my fingers like water over rocks." I think you should be TEACHING the creative writing class. :o) Love you!