Monday, July 11, 2011

Today, I wore pink.

To start, let me say if you read my last post and were wondering, I never even got my head back on the pillow. Within 3 minutes of me closing the laptop, I heard "MOMMY!" I knew it. I love that kid.

Ok, back to pink. The truth is, most of my wardrobe pre-cancer had some pink in it anyway, so that's a no brainer. However, I hadn't been able to wear most of my normal clothes until lately. Today it just felt right to wear a pink "life is good" shirt. I need to buy more of those. So convenient how my cancer is so nicely color coordinated with my closet. To quote Nancy Brinker (the founder and sister of Susan G Komen), "some think of pink as a soft and delicate color, but not our pink. Pink is strong, pink is fierce, pink is brave, and pink is mighty." I am a warrior in pink and I am going to fight like a girl!

We had a good day today. Me and my love had lunch and took a short walk by the bay. We went food shopping (I saved 36 bucks in sales and coupons! Go Shoprite!). I rode the exercise bike for a while (ok only 15 minutes, but it's a start). Then we went to Jami and Billy's for an excellent dinner. After which, Jami and I took about a 30 minute walk. So, likelihood is, I will be complete toast tomorrow!

I felt alive today. I still had my sad moments, but generally speaking, it was a good day.

I also finally got my her2 results. They were negative, which means no herceptin for me, and likelihood is I will have 8, 2-week cycles of chemo. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I see Dr. Ray. I'm actually a little excited about it. Having a plan is so empowering!! Of course, that's today, on another day, I am really not looking forward to it one bit. But for today, I am ready. Full steam ahead!

My quote for the day (thank you Mrs. A) is "The best way out is through"... Just got charge ahead. It's the only way to win.

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  1. Hey sweets-

    Loved your both posts today, empowering, inspiring, motivating. I am glad you had a fantastic day-sounds like you were able to do a lot today. I have an appointment too tomorrow, but I am very scared, and very'll be OK. Just say some prayers for me OK....I'll fill you in as I am able to.....hugs, love, and prayers always.