Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh happy day, and the journey continues.

 Today mom finished her treatment! What a wonderful, wonderful milestone. Two of us have managed to get through some pretty intense stuff, and for that I am incredibly proud! 3 surgeries, 24 chemo infusions, 12 neulasta shots, and 43 doses of radiation to date.
Of course, we are learning that as wonderful as it is, the journey doesn’t end the last day of treatment. There were some abnormalities in my most recent bloodwork. While these abnormalities can be caused by other things, nothing strikes fear in the heart of a cancer survivor than hearing something isn’t normal. So I am going to have scans in the near future. We are waiting on the results of some blood work to see where if my kidney infection has cleared up, and then we will go from there.

I know the blog gets a lot more traffic than it used to, (which is actually a good thing because it means things have been calm of late) but I will gladly welcome prayers from anyone who has them. Specifically, that today concludes the end of active treatment for both of us, and that the upcoming scans bring good news.