Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mosquitoes love cancer patients

Apparently, we are yummy bug food. I believe I have 18 mosquito bites on my legs from the past 3 days. The good news is, this is because I have spent a lot of time outside: healing, soaking up the sea air, spending time with people I love. So I don't mind being being bug bait. It comes with the territory I guess. Although, for the sake of the mosquitoes themselves, drinking my blood can't be very healthy. Sucks to be the blood suckers that target me! (oh, and p.s. Courtney, I know when I am in chemo I have to avoid mosquitoes like the plague. Don't worry!)

Today was the first day I felt almost completely normal. Very little pain at all. In fact, if you drew a line down the middle of me and asked me about the right side, I would almost say I wouldn't even know I had surgery. The left side is a little slower to heal, but that's because there were many more lymph nodes taken out of there. 

I am able to enjoy things more now. It's a beautiful thing. I feel more like myself.

Maybe that's driven by having hope again. My oncologist is a miracle worker in that sense. Just by doing what she does and giving me a plan, it makes life feel more clear, more certain. I feel like the treatment plan seems so doable. 8 rounds isn't so bad, and the first week in November is not that far away. And trust me, I plan on proudly wearing my survivor shirt (which I received from my wonderful Helen just yesterday) as I make my way through Disney in celebration. As Tammy says, when they ask me "what will you celebrate?" my list will be long: "the 3rd birthday of my precious boy, our 7th wedding anniversary, the completion of chemo, being a survivor and the fact that life is wonderful!"  I'd say that's a pretty damn big celebration!   I cannot wait. 

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  1. Looking forward to celebrating you as a survivor for many, many years! Love ya!