Thursday, July 7, 2011

call to act.

Each of us is put on this earth with a purpose, a calling if you will. It's up to us to determine what that is and answer that call.

A spoke today with my "reach to recovery" volunteer. She is a woman who has been through what I am going through and volunteers with the american cancer society to support women going through this dreaded disease.

Chatting with her was wonderful!

Despite the most wonderful support group a girl could ask for, I still feel isolated sometimes. Talking to someone who has been here before is a huge boost for me. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for them), I have a few of these beautiful women in my life, and today, I added a new cheerleader to my list. I am grateful that she chose this calling. She's a mom herself, she works full time, and went through this same nonsense four years ago.

We talked and chuckled about some of the oddities of post-mastectomy recovery. It was wonderful. She understood why I wasn't devastated by the ability to "downgrade". She told me the boob cramps are normal and gave me tips on how to manage them.

Each survivor who has come into my life brings a different perspective and approach. All unique, but all helpful, and all hopeful! Thank you ladies!

It's so important that we learn and grow from our trials.

The bottom line is, every one of us will encounter shit in our lives, but what do we do with it? Do we hide and cry? Sometimes. But we can't stay hidden and crying forever.

We rise up. We take the lemons and make lemonade, lemon merangue pie, lemon chicken, lemon drop shots, citrus margaritas, or we throw the lemons at someone who pisses us off.

Whatever we choose, we just have to do something. That's what our obligation is. Pay it forward, backwards or sideways. Just do something good.

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  1. I really like the part about throwing lemons at people that piss us off!!! lol...Im going o quote you my friend from many years back"Dont let your canoe of life overturn or your crabline walk away..." How Appropriate!!!!:):)