Friday, July 8, 2011

there's no place like home.

Ah yes, I finally am back in my own home... Hurray for Toms River! My heart sang when I stepped out of the van and heard a boat on the bay. I forgot how much I love my little house. I missed it and didn't realize how much until I got here.

There are things I miss though about Mom and Dad's. Of course, spending time with them was great, and having the extra help was huge! It was definitely a good place to be for me to start my healing process. I also miss having the big bed for Steven to fall asleep in. Trying to get him to sleep in his twin bed required my best Karate Kid impersonation to avoid getting clocked in my newly installed salt water balloons as he flipped and flopped around in his attempt to get comfy.

It's a good day though. Being well enough to be here without 18 sets of hands to help is progress.

I was able to shower completely on my own today, shampoo included! Wooohoooo! There was a time, less than two weeks ago when a shower required a helper, an assistant, some medical tape, a shower chair, and then a two hour nap. Today, it just required me.

I was able to put a sweatshirt OVER my head. Also a huge moment indeed. I am proudly sporting my 15 year old TCNJ sweatshirt. Go Lions!

It's funny because sometimes I underestimate my own progress, but today I did show that I have come a long way. But, doing all that stuff knocked me out! Here's hoping a Benedryl will knock me right out tonight.


  1. I am so beyond proud of you, and of the amazing progress you have made post-surgery. Then again, I never, ever once doubted the amazing progress you would make!!! I believe in you. I am thrilled beyond words that you are finally home, in your own home, that is amazing progress indeed!!!! Take care of yourself, and take one day at a time-baby steps my dear!!! You will do great!!!! Sleep well Nicole!!!!! Hugs, love, and prayers always.


  2. You are an inspiration! Glad to hear your recovery is going well. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers every day. Kristen