Monday, May 9, 2011

Strength, Faith, Hope, Love

Anyone who knows my family probably knows a few key details: we have a soft spot in our hearts for fire fighters, and we are genetically predisposed to br Springsteen fans. Here's what you might not know. After 9/11, Bruce released "The Rising", on which was a song called "into the fire" which was largely dedicated to NY bravest... Needless to say, this became an anthem for my brothers and I, being raised the children of one of Jersey City's bravest.

The particular lyric that was our mantra was:
"May your strength give us strength.
May your faith give us faith.
May your hope give us hope.
May your love give us love."

We had t-shirts made up for all of us for Father's Day that year with the simple words "Strength, faith, hope, love" in honor of our father. It was meant to be a tribute to his bravery. Funny thing is, I still have the shirt. I wore it today. It felt like the right thing to do, since those are the four big things on my end that will carry me through this craziness. That and some dam good doctors coupled with crazy technology.

I'm tired ... Mainly because I haven't been sleeping so well. And last night was particularly bad. It started with a dream that I was driving in the dark and was terrified I was going to crash. fun times. I was so worried about what they would say today. But it went really well. I have seen 3 surgeons so far. The wonderful news, I would be comfortable with going to any one of them.

The next few days will bring more tests and back to work for a little bit. My pathetic attempt at normalcy. Next week, I will meet with the plastic surgeon who will partner with my specialist.  I guess things will ramp up here fairly soon.


  1. love those lyrics. love the fathers day memory. love that you wore that shirt today. love you.

  2. After reading this, just put mine on to wear to bed. :-)

  3. Great lyrics, great song,be strong,love ya

  4. Bruce...How can you argue with Bruce?? I try to get NY Nicholas to get it but I think you need to be from Jersey!! Strength, Faith, Hope, Love....what more do you need in life???