Friday, May 27, 2011

Reflections on the unofficial start of summer

Remember the days when summer meant days off, jelly shoes, and spending your entire day in a bathing suit? I do. I also remember it being a time when there was no worries. The days were long and spent having fun. Maybe an occasional trip down the shore or to Great Adventure to ride lightning loops or the scream machine, or in some really special years, a trip to Disney.

Oh how I miss those days. This summer will be a rollercoaster ride for sure. The funny thing is, in recent years, I have decided I was too old for roller coasters. They give me a headache. But now I've got my harness on, and it's too late to get off the ride now.

It reminds me of a summer years ago. For those of you who remember lightning loops, first you would have to climb all the way to the top of these ridiculous stairs. Each time a train went out, the stairs would shake, putting terror through your heart. Whose sadistic idea was that? Then you woud wait on the platform for your turn. Then they would strap you in to the ride, and your car would lurch forward and seemingly hurl you towards the ground face first. Then suddenly you would swing around and upside down. Once you got over that, then you did the whole damn thing again backwards. Now compared to the coasters out there now, I know that's nothing. But to an 8 year old, that was as terrifying as jumping off the Brooklyn bridge. I remember Donna convincing me it would be fine and not to worry. I remember thinking myself that I would be the one who was on a fateful ride and would get killed or my hair would get caught somewhere and rip off. Yes, ridiculous fears, I know...

But I am just as ridiculous today. I have similar irrational fears of the unknown. Anticipation of not knowing how I will feel when I am smack dab in the middle of this craziness.

Maybe things haven't changed as much as I think? I am going to be off for the summer. Granted, I won't be running around in bathing suit.  I am going to be a little terrified of this new type of rollercoaster. But I will have my friends and family riding along with me. I hope that at the end, I will say "that wasn't so bad". I doubt I will say "wow that was fun" but I'll be alright.

(T, thanks for the inspiration)



  2. Ti Amo Principessa, Ti Amo, Ti Amo, Ti Amo!

    The Little Chief's Grandpa

  3. I am right there with you too!!!!!!! LOVE the post tonight!!!!!!! More intense prayers are always on the way!!!!! They are working (hey, at least I know that I am helping someone who is an awesome friend, and a true inspiration)!!!!!!!! :)