Thursday, May 19, 2011

in darkness and in light --- and good news!

With the recent excessive amount of time I have spent around medical technology, I couldn't help but notice something interesting. Today, I had the ultrasound checking out the lymph node on the right side. When I had my initial testing, they couldn't reach it, but they commented that it looked swollen and suspicious. Today, it was normal! It turns out it was likely swollen because the pollen was flying everywhere two weeks ago and my allergies were in high gear. Imagine that, the body doing what it's supposed to do!
While they were scanning around looking for something sinister, a thought crossed my mind. I thought back to the ultrasounds I had three years ago. The ones of my beautiful little boy growing inside of me. What a contrast of emotions compared to now. But then it hit me. When you have a pregnancy ultrasound, what you are looking for is something white and bright. A light. A life. When you are doing a cancer ultrasound, you are looking for darkness. Cancer looks much like a big empty black hole in the wavy grey and white. How ironic.

The good news is, when they looked today, all they saw was white and grey... Light, not darkness! HURRAY FOR LIGHT!

I was also reminded of the beauty of the light when my son got home from school and wanted me to play ball with him. We played and laughed and ran around for a while before dinner. That child is pure joy! (ok, except for when he is throwing a fit because he doesn't like the socks I picked out for him) He is no longer the little light on the ultrasound screen, he is the light in my world.

Ok, so in addition to that, I received some other great news today! The Pet Scan results came back.... YAY! the organs are ALL CLEAR... the right lymph node that they tried to find today was also clear! :-) There was an ovarian cyst (or something like it) that they want to double check. The marker on the report was minor, and hopefully is only a regular old cyst. Since I have been getting them from the age of 17, there is a very good chance that is all it is. Will have more tests to confirm that soon.

Either way, the plan of attack stays the same. Surgery on June 20th, lots of healing, then onto chemo. I love having a plan!!

"There's a fire deep down in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark!"


  1. I am literally in tears, of pure JOY of course!!!!! My prayers are working!!!!!!! I am thrilled that you got some awesome news today!!!! Stay strong and brave!!!!!!!!!

  2. love it!!!... this post was worth waiting for :) yay for good news and yay for light!

  3. HOORAY!! and so eloquently communicated. :)

  4. Jennifer Carrolli-LewisMay 19, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    Glad to hear you got good news! We'll keep the prayers coming!
    I hope you are printing all your blogs and plan on compiling them into a book. It would be a best seller!! God Bless you!

  5. So happy to hear!!!!!!

  6. That is the best news, I am so happy. Hope the news brought a little relief in your heart. our prayers came true, good luck, and try to have a good weekend. Love you

  7. Well, here I am reading the posts made by and in support of my AMAZING daughter. Please know, that while this news rocked our world, I know a year from now... when Nicole is on the other side of this mountain we will all be celebrating like never before (and you all know how the Briamontes love to celebrate).
    Nicole, I am so blessed to be spending so much time with you right now. YOUR "light" keeps me grounded and focused.
    To all of our family and friends...there is a song out now by Rascall Flatts called "I Won't Let Go"...if you haven't heard it, please give it a listen. It sums up my feelings and I'm sure the feelings of all of you who have joined "Team Nicole". It says it all. Let's make it our anthem.
    Our faith, love, and the support of all of our loved ones will get us through.
    Oh, and most importantly of all...

  8. That is GREAT news Nicole! :) Keep up the positive thinking!!! Prayers are coming to you every day from us! We love you!