Monday, May 23, 2011

S is for...

For those of you who have been around my family lately, you may have heard this little voice say "S is for Steven" occasionally he follows that up with "and Sawyer too" (he's psyched to share the letter with his cousin whom he loves so much). Of course being through this process makes you think and think and think some more about so many different things. Even things like the letter S. Pardon the Sesame Street-esque blog for tonight, but this post is brought to you in part by the letter S!
-S is for Steven, my sweet, sweet child, who drives me to wake up every morning and charge at life. So what if the reason I wake up is because he's yelling "MOMMY!!" from the next room. My Raison D'etre!
-S is for Steve, my amazingly supportive husband, who is getting the test of the whole "in sickness and health" part of this gig. God bless him!
-S is for science. I kind of wish that I paid more attention to it in school. Thank goodness the girl with the dark blonde hair next to me did.
-S is for surgical nurse. Who would have known that a friendship that started in Queen of Peace Grammar school would be something that would one day help save my life? A girl with a nickname of "Sabina" of all things.
-S is for silent. That's the kind of nemesis cancer is. It's sneaky and scary... But it's also stupid. It picked the wrong girl to do battle with!
-S is for support. I had a favorite quote that I read a while ago "a good friend is like a bra: supportive, comfortable and always close to your heart". That fits on a whole new level now!
-S is for smiles. The day after I was diagnosed, it was the sleepy, silly smile that my son smiled when he woke up the first morning of my new life that made me realize life is still good and happy.
-S is for summer vacation! ok, so recovering from major surgery might not quite fit that description, but again looking for that shining silver lining.
-S is for SO Doable! That's what this battle is for me.
-S is for sucky. Well, ok, let's not kid ourselves. It's doable, but it's not going to be fun.
-S is for sisters. I don't have my own official one, but I have so many unofficial ones and I didn't have to share a room or clothes growing up, so the way I see it, I got a pretty good deal. My sisters are my cousins, my ladies, my sisters in law, my friends far and wide, and, in even in a non-redneck way, my mom and her friends and my aunts.
-S is for siblings. Ok, well I don't have sisters, but I have the best three brothers in the world. All three of them would kick the sh*t out of this for me if they could. That's enough to make me fight a little harder.
-S is for sangria... for no other reason other than it's soooo good. ;-)
-S is for sailing the deep blue sea. Steve and I have discussed that when all of this nonsense is over, we will celebrate on a cruise as soon as we can afford it. Seize the day! Anyone is welcome to join...PARTY BOAT!
-S is for schedule. Jackie, this is dedicated to you. On Wednesday, 5/25, I have the ultrasound to double check the ovary. On Tuesday, 5/31, I have a meet and greet with my oncologist... the poison master. The one who is going to kill this crap! On Wednesday, I have a follow-up with my OBGYN... ugh. love her, hate her job.On Tuesday, 6/7, I have the "summit of the surgeons", as I have dubbed it for this purpose. I will be meeting with my surgeons hopefully for the last time before they carve me like a pumpkin and doing all the pre-op test stuff. and June 20th is THE DAY ---- the day they cut the darkness out! YEEHAAAAAAAA! bring it on!
-S is for survivor - the sisterhood I am working so hard to earn membership! the sisterhood I will someday be proud to be a part of!
-S IS FOR SCREW YOU CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- See Caitlin, I say still say it's the perfect title for my soundtrack!


  1. Once again, you truly amaze me, Nicole! Thoughts and prayers are always with you!
    Joanne C

  2. You are amazing. Your positive attitude is the reason you will kick cancer's butt! My prayers are with you, Nicole. Love, Michelle

  3. This was a good one my friend!!! Jackie

  4. You are definitely a fighter! As I knew you would be once I heard the news. My prayers are with you through out this journey. Your faith and eagerness to beat this, is amazing. You will win! Thank you for sharing. Imgard Ryan

  5. You are such an inspiration to me. Never, ever will I complain again for the least bit thing-OK, I know, never say never, but seriously, I need your spunk!!! My thoughts and prayers are always with you-but you didn't need to know that, because I am sure you already knew that. ;) If you need me, you know where to find me.....

  6. S is definitely better the T...for Tall Teeth. I think T is officially retired...

  7. Finola,

    You are seriously Carrie from "Sex in the City" with these posts!! With a slightly different focus of course:):) OK.....I want the first book you promised me to say "To Sabina with love....." Your my hero.....:)

    Jen (SABINA)