Friday, May 13, 2011

the "oh Sh*t" face

This post is dedicated to my brother Chris who found my description of the face entertaining.

Before I describe today's events, let me explain what the "oh sh*t" face is. When I was sent for my mammo and my ultrasound, the tech doing the ultrasound had a look on her face that let me know she was not happy with what she was seeing. As she was scanning around with the little probe thing, she knew she was looking at exactly what she was trained to look for, and that it was not good. Although she didn't say a word, her face said it all: clearly "oh sh*t"! And I knew then that things were going to get ugly fast.

So today was the bone scan... They inject you with radioactive stuff, you wait two hours, and they scan you to see if there is anything bad going on in your bones. It wasn't so bad. Here's how the day went.

First off, Donna and I want props for the fact that we were actually early for the appointment. Neither of us is ever on time for anything! I wonder if two late people cancel each other out...

Anyway, we got there, and they took me back to inject the isotope or whatever you call it in. They hook up the line, and wouldn't you know it, blood spurts all over. Gross, I know. Poor Donna. She went white as a ghost and almost passed out. The funny thing is when they try to get my veins to take blood, I'm like a pin cushion. They stick and stick and can never find the damn thing. This time, when something was going in, it was like a fountain... ew!

So after Donna regained consciousness, we had time to kill. We went to the diner, since I might as well enjoy food now since it will taste horrible during chemo. This was a good idea until I laid down in the scanner thing, and thought I was going to barf. Word to the wise folks... If you need to lay flat, don't cram a bunch of greasy food down your throat first... Not my smartest move.

During the scan, I was watching the techs face intently. Searching for the "oh sh*t" face. I know the techs can't say anything to me. But I want answers, so I make them up. I think they were trying to hint that things looked ok. And at least while they were facing me, they didn't have the "oh sh*t" face. So either, that is awesome news, or they can always be good poker players if their career in the medical profession doesn't pan out.

Here's hoping because really, I'm not a fan of the "oh sh*t" face. I much prefer the "whew! thank God" face. just saying....

So say lots of prayers... This is the first of two big tests. If I pass them both, the rest I can handle!!!

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