Wednesday, May 25, 2011

quick prayer request times 2

good morning all. I have an ultrasound today to check out the ovary. The doc and I are pretty confident it's nothing to be concerned about, but we want to be diligent, so we are double checking. Please pray that we are correct and that I get more good news in the coming days.

Also, I hope that the person who sent this to me doesn't mind. I learned this morning of a woman who is battling cancer. Her prognosis is not good. The docs say her time is limited now. However, her daugher is getting married in September. Please join me in praying for her that she continues to be strong, and for her family as well. She desparately wants to make it to the wedding. I figure the more prayers the merrier, so please join me in this one.

Thanks all. Have a good day!


  1. My prayers are with both of you!!! Denise

  2. Keeping the prayer circle going for you, and your friend!!!!! Blessings to you always!!!!!

  3. you are both in my prayers!!