Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some blessings

It's amazing how out of something so traumatic, springs a new appreciation for blesssings. Here's an accounting for some of mine that I have recently seen more clearly.
  • I have some amazing nurses in my friends and family who are looking out for me, comforting me, educating me
  • I have the most amazing, wonderful family, both immediate and extended
  • My friends always have let me know I am loved, but most particularly in the last few weeks
  • There are people who have it worse than me. I was reminded of this recently when I learned of someone who was diagnosed with a cancer far worse than mine
  • I work for a company that actually has compassion (imagine that)
  • I have found some of the best doctors, and am blessed enough that they are willing to treat me
  • My husband loves me, is an amazing support system, and has the best frikking insurance! ;-)
  • My son is the happiest, silliest, craziest boy with the best smile and hugs
  • I was born in 1977 and diagnosed in 2011, meaning the treatment for me is practically routine in the medical community by now
  • I have the most inspirational, supportive survivors whose own fight will lead me through this
  • I live in America where medical advances are top notch
  • My faith is still with me, I know I do not walk this path alone
  • and one final blessing: I am able to remember I am blessed, even now!


  1. You are amazing Nicole!!!


  2. Like, like, like! You have such perspective, it's incredibly inspiring.

  3. Jennifer Carrolli-LewisMay 18, 2011 at 6:06 AM

    May your faith continue to guide you and keep you strong! You are a remarkable woman! God bless!

  4. are ridiculously amazing! a lot of people could learn a thing or two from you

  5. Nic, your strength is amazing, and for the record.....your ability to write and define life is extrodinary....I think you just found your hidden talent!! When is the book signing???:):):)

    Jen (Sabina):)

  6. Wow! What perspective you have! You are blessed as are we to witness your beauty. You inspire all of us...

  7. You are my idol. I love you.