Sunday, May 8, 2011

shut the h*ll up!

ok pardon the french in the header there, but before I went to sleep, I checked my horoscope. You will likely say something similar as you finish reading this post. Steve and I have this website we have been reading for years. While I am a catholic, and put my faith in God and the scriptures, I also get a kick out of this guy and his RIDICULOUS spot on scopes... Here's mine for this week. I kid you not!

"Though much is challenging you and there are plenty of things you could worry about, you are not about to become weighed down. It is more as if you are in the process of 'shedding a skin'. You are in the midst of metamorphosis. In the moment when a creature first emerges from a cocoon, it can feel useless. It is neither what it once was, nor is it fully what it is about to become. It feels lost, bemused, more as if something has been taken from it than something has been given to it. You may have a similar experience soon, but just wait till you spread your wings."



  1. Karen Jaw-MadsonMay 8, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    all these messages!!

  2. Nicole, you remind me of my sister when she went through her journey of thyroid cancer. Her initial diagnosis was one of surgery to remove the thyroid all of a 3hr operation until they went in a found out it spread to both lymphnodes, her trachia and soon to find out her lungs. The 3 hours turned into an 8-9 hour surgery. And through all of that and the days and months that followed she became a pillar of strength and resilience for her family, kids, friends and herself. She never once felt sorry for herself (ok maybe she had her moments of "why me?") but she never let any of this get her down. She had an outpouring of support from friends and family and that certainly got her through all of those tough days. Since that time she has been an inspiration to so many around her; ran her first half marathon last year to raise money and awareness for her surgeon's foundation, this year she ran again and so many more joined her, she has been asked to speak at the foundation conferences, appeared on Channel 13 to speak about Thyroid cancer and has been able to provide an ear and support to others who have been diagnosed with throid cancer. It's been 2 yrs since her surgery and in March she received the news she remains cancer free. I tell you all of this because I can tell from all of your blogs you remain upbeat, positive and strong with the goal to beat this cancer and become a survivor. This was my sister and I hope these few words provide you with some additioinal support, comfort, strength and courage that you will come out of this even stronger than you were before. Lots of love and prayers, Nicole Trombino xoxo