Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ahhh hormones

Hormones: they're not just for adolescents anymore.

Yes, hormones... those funny little critters that mess you up throughout your life... They're baaaaaaacccckkkk!

When I was a teenager, and going through puberty, they made me cranky... And the kicker was, while I was going through that, my poor mom was going through menopause. Talk about fun times in my house!!!! I was estrogen rising, she was estrogen falling, and all I remember about it was dad coming to me one day and saying "For the love of God, can you do one thing for me? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be nice to your mother. I can't take the two of you!" I still laugh about that to this day.

Then I started dating, and my hormones scared the heck out of my parents. Just the fear of hormones taking over, and convincing me to do something not so smart kept them up many a nights. The good news is, I didn't do something stupid. Well, at least not "THAT" something stupid anyway.

Then hormones made my skin break out, and caused me ovarian problems...So it made me self-conscious and caused me severe pain. Joy!

Then hormones gave me PMS and cramps...Ok, so your usually girly stuff here, but I want to whine about it for the sake of all the women out there!

Then hormones made it not so easy to conceive my precious child...That was frustration like I have never known. I spent my whole life trying to avoid getting pregnant up until that time and found out, all that worrying was for nothing. Getting pregnant in my case was not as easy as I expected it to be. Who would have thunk....

Then hormones gave me post-partem anxiety...For someone who was around children my entire life, I was terrified in the early stages of my son's life. Add that with a colicky child, and you had one overtired, slightly dehydrated (from tears) mommy. Thank goodness for the support system I had, especially Jami, who at 10:30 at night got in the car when she got the text saying "He's been crying for 45 minutes, and now I am crying too!" Thanks Jame, owe you one!

Then I come to learn today that hormones were feeding my cancer tumors...That's it! I've had enough of that crap! I'm ready to kick those hormones to the curb!

So when the doc told me today that my cancer was estrogen receptor positive, and they were basically going to throw me head first into early menopause to stop these crazy things from growing, I can't lie. I was a little relieved. Maybe even slightly happy. Hormones have been nothing but a pain in my butt since I was 12! So you know what? I am not thrilled about the whole menopausal thing, but I will be done with that nonsense in a few years and I believe life will be grand!!! talk about a little freedom.... woohooooooo.

Now if I could only make tons of money and find a way for us to retire early too?

Here's the latest schedule updates folks:

  • work tomorrow
  • scan #1 thursday
  • work on friday (also stup's 30th birthday!! old geezer!) 
  • weekennnnddddd!!!!!! :-)
Thanks again to everyone for their love and support. I am overwhelmed and blessed! Please know if I don't get back to you quickly, it's not that I don't care or don't appreciate your reaching out. I just live in Grand Central Station now and it's hard to keep up. 


  1. Oh boy I remember back in the day, when all that was happening. Well I just went through all that,and it was not so bad, my family may tell you different. Glad I am done with it. Hormones suck, even more now. Have a good day at work and good luck luck with the scan. Love you

  2. Ok, so I was curious about this so I googled it--in case anyone is interested. Good to know that this is well known as far as cancer is concerned...