Saturday, May 28, 2011

ahhh long weekends.

I live for the weekends. They remind me of the reasons why I want to live. Especially this time of year. The summer is coming, which means more opportunity to be out in the beautiful weather. More time to be on the beach or boardwalk. More parties with my friends and family... More life.

This weekend is no exception. Today was spent at the beach with some dear friends, and then bbq-ing with family. You know, it's become a bit of a joke with some ofour friends that the Briamonte family always comes up with a reason to party. "Some has a birthday, someone got an A on a report card, some on lost a tooth"... Well, add one more to the list "Someone is going to beat cancer"! That's coming. I haven't fully earned that party, but it is likely about a year out. It might just be a big one!!!

The truth is, all joking aside, my family does like to celebrate things. Focus on the positive and beautiful side of life. There is so much to life and be grateful for. Now more than ever. So many more reasons for me to fight this fight.


  1. Next Memorial Day Saturday, will be the biggest party ever, at my house for you Nicole, start inviting everyone and we will have the biggest celebration. I can't wait, you will be done with everything, and we can be with all the special people that helped you.

  2. You will have the biggest celebration ever next year-and I hope to be there to help you celebrate your survival!!!!!!!!! I am with you 110%, all the way!!!!!!!!