Monday, August 8, 2011

What cancer can do.

I have seen a verse called "what cancer can't do".  I'm not going to include it here but I want to take the idea and bring it in a slightly different direction. It's beautiful and I encourage you to look it up.

In my experience, here is what cancer can do. It can help you realize what's important in life and what's not. It can make you savor the little moments you might otherwise not have noticed. It can make you take care of yourself because you realize how fragile, yet important good health is. It can make you realize how lucky you really are. It can make you appreciate all of those who were science-minded and pursued either research or medical studies because they are the cure.

Cancer has made me appreciate every day. It has turned me into a fierce fighter. It has made me add even more pink to my wardrobe. It made me a writer and future patient supporter. It inspired me to take up crocheting, which is incredibly therapeutic and apparently something I am good at. It sparks creativity in me as well as in my co-survivors (p.s. co-survivor is the friends and family who go through the hell with you. Who would have thought that Chris would be a song writer?). It has inspired me to "pay it forward" and find ways to help others in whatever way possible. It has reawakened my long-sleeping charitable side. It has made me learn things about myself that I might not have really paid attention to. It has given me another real reason to be proud. It has made me aware of my strength, and taught me to tune into my weaknesses so I can work to bolster those as well.

Cancer can help families realize how special and blessed they are to have each other. It can make parents realize how strong their children are. This goes for me as a parent too. It can help friends remember to appreciate one another, and can even rekindle old friendships that have drifted apart, swept away by the current of life. It can make people reassess their lives and even provoke them to reconsider paths they have chosen, and realize it's never too late to change direction. After all, who knows, I may just become a published author one day.

Cancer can make you fight like a girl. Have you ever seen a girl really pissed? It's brutal. And I, for one, will keep on fighting. There is no other way. I have too much to live for. 


  1. Beautifully said Nicole. You are such a blessing and inspiration to so many, including me. Take care of yourself, and your beautiful family-especially that sweet little boy. All of my thoughts, prayers, love, and every single ounce of strength are always with you.

  2. Good one of my favorites!!! Jackie