Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surviving Round 2

Today is the tired, useless day, so I figured I would get the post in before my energy completely hits the floor. Yesterday was good. My energy was decent, I was mostly able to manage the nausea.  During the night, my stomach was a bit off, but not terrible.

On top of all of this, my hair is really starting to come out now. I am so glad I buzzed it when I did. Makes it a lot easier for it to come out in short pieces than if it were long ones. Now I just walk around, feeling like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree with the little pine needles sprinkling down. I am wearing hats to help collect it. Ah the fun.

I'm finding though that I am making it ok. I am surviving it, and can still laugh and smile. There is hope in cancer. Especially as I take down more and more milestones.


  1. The great thing about hair is that it grows back.... Even after a bad haircut;). Let the badness leave you because your new health awaits;)


  2. I agree very, very much with Sabina. I have had my head shaved multiple times, whenever I have had my shunt revised, and even though it was a little bit of hair; or a lot, depending on how bad the shaving was, it always grew back, fuller, and thicker than before. You will overcome each hurdle you're faced with. I believe in you. Hugs, love, and prayers always. Stay strong, finish stronger.



  3. LOVE hearing you say you can still laugh and smile. That's what it is all about -- not letting cancer strip you of the joy of being you. Love you!