Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not all side effects are bad.

A quick medical update: while I had another fever last night, it stayed low-grade which meant that I got to stay home. We'll chalk that up as one in the win column. Today, I heard that my blood cultures are all still negative which means it was either viral or just a random side effect of the neulasta shot. Either way, as long as it gets better, I don't care. Fingers crossed that the fever stays away again. Tonight is the first night since Sunday that I am completely fever free! Yippee! 

It's getting too close to treatment now to screw around with complications. They will decide on friday if I am well enough to have treatment. I know that the treatment is most effective if I can stick to the every two weeks cycle. So I'm just thinking healthy thoughts and praying for the best.

One nice side effect is that I am noticing my son is learning compassion and kindness at an early age. Today, he wanted to look under my hat. I told him that I cut my hair to look like Daddy's and let him look. He rubbed my peach fuzz and smiled. Then he gave me a hug amd said "I really love you Mommy". I am hoping this whole experience leads him in a positive direction. I hope that he learns to be kind when others aren't feeling well. I hope that he learns not to judge others by their appearances. I hope he learns to never quit no matter how hard things get in life. I hope he learns to love what's inside people, and not worry about hair or other such superficial things. I hope he just grows up to be a wonderful, compassionate, strong person. Now that would be a worthwhile side effect!


  1. I am tearing up in my office after reading this one. You have a super little boy there. Just know that with you and Steve as his parents, he would have been all those things with or without this cancer thing. :o) But learnng from your battle will make him (and all of you) even stronger. BIG hugs!

  2. Nicole,
    Steven was on the right track even before this happened. He is a special little guy, sweet, loving, and compassion (no...I am not prejudiced). Take another look at the poem, "Mom, you thought I wasn't looking". Children learn by example. Steven could not have a better teacher than you.
    With Love & Pride,
    Your Momma

  3. Dad is tearing up in my office also!
    I bet Sweet Caroline is too!
    Love you so much.

  4. My God Nic..your boy is beyond words wonderful:) what a joy you brought into the world.... God bless him as well as you my friend:) Much love.