Friday, August 5, 2011

Unexpected boosts.

It's funny how sometimes we get the boosts when we need them the most. And even more funny how they appear to come at random times from random places. There are some that come from obvious places on a regular basis (such as my family and closest friends), and while those are so important and very much appreciated, the random ones sometimes have an even greater impact.

Today, I had two random events that lifted my spirits on a day when I really needed them. Although I am certainly feeling better than last weekend, I am still living with the havoc chemo wreaks on my body. There are so many little odd effects that linger, and they are frustrating, even if they aren't the major, notorious ones. I was struggling with feeling like I will never feel like myself again. I wonder sometimes if I will ever feel completely well. That was the overwhelming emotion of the day. (Which sucked because it put a damper on Steve's birthday. I owe him big next year).

So this morning, my DZ big sister forwarded me information on "the pink daisy project" (funny enough, another dear friend sent it to me as well an hour later). What a great organization! I highly encourage you research it. Anyway, she said she forwarded it to me because the founder reminded her of me, with her attitude and approach. You have no idea what a huge compliment and a boost that was to me! Thank you Stace!

Then, tonight I received an email from a friend who I met through an online wellness community years ago. She lives hours away and while we have chatted on and off over the years, we have never met in person. She told me she is doing the Komen 3 day and wanted my permission to do it in my honor! She talked about how she is impressed by how I am fighting the battle, and wanted to use the walk to represent me. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me! Here's a girl who doesn't know extremely well but she was just moved by my fight. How inspirational this? I wish I could explain it to you. Think of the warmth filling a hot air balloon to lift it off the ground. That's probably the closest decription I could give.

Sometimes, when you feel just beat down, God surprises you and sends you angels to lift you back up.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, loving and kind! You have no idea how much impact it has on a girl who just gets plain old tired sometimes!


  1. You have been such a wonderful, kind-hearted friend to me; and I wish I could take this cancer away from you. But, I also know that you will rise above this much better, and much stronger than ever. Never give up your faith, or hope, because so many of us have so much faith and hope in you too. My continued hugs, love, prayers, and daily thoughts are always with you. All of my strength that I can muster is being sent to you as well. You are such an inspiration!!

  2. You will feel normal again! Thats a fact..You always make me cry. Love the angels in our lives to help us thru. Last year my cousing did a Livestrong challenge in my honor, there is nothing like that.

  3. Nic, you are an inspiration to me. I love you friend.