Monday, June 20, 2011

today the cancer goes away

(or at least most of it does).

Please pray for me....

Pray for my surgeons, that they bring their A game today, and that God guides their hands to save my life.

Pray for my husband.

Pray for my son.

Pray for my parents.

Pray for my brothers and their families.

Pray for Kim that she can finally get out of Dallas airport, and that she doesn't beat up someone at American Airlines.

Pray for the rest of my family and friends.

Pray they get everything out that needs to come out so I can live a long, healthy life.

I don't really feel much right now. I'm tired but I don't think I can go back to sleep. Not too nervous yet. Last night was hard. I'm sure this morning at Hackensack will be harder. But tonight, I will wake up to a new, healthy life. I have an angel looking over me going into surgery today. Thank you Jen!! Words cannot express how much this means to me, so I won't really try. Just know, ok?

It will be strange to wake up to a new body. I am not looking forward to that change, but I am so glad the cancer will be out of me. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters.

Today I will wake up with my first step to being a survivor.

As Chris says, I will wake up to the score of me: 2 cancer: 0. He made a good point. It's only fair that I get one for each boob!

Everyone do me a favor today. I don't want to mourn the physical loss that I am going to experience. I want to celebrate the solidifying of my healthy future. So for me, find yourself a mini or fun sized Mounds bar, and enjoy it for me. I am going to embrace my new "mini mounds" as they mean a new differently beautiful beginning.

Love to all, and see you on the survivor side very soon.

In the meantime, Frank will keep everyone updated on the site.


  1. Mini mounds it is! By the way, that was one of grandma's favorite candies.
    Remember Nicole, your family and friends, but most especially God are all with you today.
    And there is a new angel up there gathering your loved ones together and she brought along her fiesty spirit and a PINK BRACELET. I think you are covered.
    Stay strong.
    All my love & prayers,
    Your biggest fan

  2. I really don't like mounds; but if I go over to Target, I'll get a Snickers, and will eat it, for you-OK maybe not the best choice-but it'll have to do. My thoughts and prayers are with you today-as are my love and prayers. Cancer has no clue who it is dealing with. You will do fantastic. I know it!!!


  3. Thinking of you today and every day, Nicole. Praying for you and everyone associated with you today.

  4. A bunch of people in K-1-3 are enjoying mini mounds bars... not all of them know why ;-) but I'm praying hard for you, dear!