Thursday, June 9, 2011


I remember hearing a song called "Angels Among Us" years ago, and I remember thinking it was a hokey song. But lately, I have been seeing them. They are so apparent to me.

There's the wonderful survivor who responds immediately to the text message saying "I need a pep talk". Then another amazing survivor who might as well be me two years from now, as she tells me what my life is going to be like, as we sit and laugh and cry together. Then there is the other survivor angel who makes me laugh and reminds me not to leave my boobs in my purse.

Then there is the angel who researches everything and is my own personal medical nerd, and re-reads every report to make sure she's comfortable with what they are saying. Of course there is an angel who coordinated my surgical team, and will watch over me as I head in for that surgery. Then there is the angel who gave birth to me and has walked with me every step of the way. She has her own angel who married her, and well, he cries a lot. Then there is the angel who married me and makes my life complete. And the cherub born two and a half years ago who reminds me that life, with or without cancer is joyous.

Then there are two angels who are there when I need them, my ladies, ready with a glass of wine, crazy stories and a listening ear. And the family of angels who were concerned about me this week in their own time of loss. There are angels who I work with and for who are doing their best to keep things afloat and allow me to prioritize where I need to. There are angels in my life who are just doing their best to get by in their own world every day, and despite their own challenging circumstances, check in all the time to make sure I am ok.

There are countless angels who lift me up with their comments, notes, emails, and calls. There are angels who offer help whether it be to cook a meal, fold some clothes, water our plants or help in any other way. There is angel who is hopping a plane next week to help just because she can. There is an angel who sat with me at lunch today and just talked. There is an angel who planted me a garden, and one who stood by me despite her own queasiness as she watched them insert radioactive dye into me.

There are 3 angels who are nervous, and would do anything to make their sister feel better. There are angels who may not have been a prominent part of my life in recent times, but who are expressing their love and support now. There are angels who want to rally the troops and walk in my honor. There is an angel who showed me how to find what I was looking for so I can be on my path to survivorhood. There is an angel who pretty much bought out the Komen store.

There is an angel to help me understand the medical and to help me navigate insurance. There is an angel who worked as a chemo nurse who is probably going to get pummeled with questions in the coming months. There is an angel who wants to take me for my wig, and she's married to an angel who reminds whenever I talk to him to be strong and stay positive. There are two little angels wearing mini pink bracelets with the words "Aunt Nicole" on them who pray for me. There are other angels who are just the best cheerleaders going.

There are a lot of other angels that I haven't mentioned here, but I have seen them.

And then there are the angels who spent their lives studying so they can cure someone like me.

So hokey though it may be:
Oh well I believe there are angels among us
Sent down to us from somewhere up above
They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give
To guide us with the light of love


  1. God Bless you, Nicole and all your angels!

  2. Many blessings to you Nicole. Love always.

  3. You my dear are the number one angel. God bless all of them special in there own ways.

  4. Dear Nicole,
    My God, the last two posts have blown me away!
    Now I know why I always called Mom "Angel."
    Thank you for honoring those three wonderful women.
    It's apparent to all of us how beautiful and strong you are.
    Keep up the strenth-faith-hope-love spirit.
    I Love You So Very Much,

  5. And then there are angels who show us how to be strong, graceful and determined in the face of adversity...Thanks Mil and Nicole

  6. Nic,
    You are an angel in my have been there for me...I hope you know that..You have a special place in my are a wonderful example of strength and will get through this!!! I am here for you.

    Dziuba :):)