Sunday, June 12, 2011

I run for life...

Ok I didn't but I will. This morning, Frank, Rick, Courtney and Jenna ran for me today at the GWB challenge for the American Cancer Society. Frank did fundraising in prep for the event, and without hard core effort managed to be the top fund raiser among the runners!!! When we Briamonte's do something, we do it big! He got the chance to cut the ribbon opening the run for me! It really doesn't get cooler than that.

Before cancer, I always wondered what the fund raising was for. I always donated in good faith, but was curious as to what happened to the money. Now that I am closer to it, here's what I know. Research. All those crazy tests and various treatments. Many of them are funded by the organizations. I personally have recieved lots of great information and books from ACS and some other organizations. The money goes where it should. Patients get information to help them understand and manage the disease, we get tools to help us recover physically and emotionally.

So now that I have seen what it does, of course I want to help more. My family will be participating in future walks. Let me just say, if Frank can take the top honors without even trying, just wait! I believe that they haven't seen anything yet! We may be doing a walk/run this fall (of course my ability to physically participate is up in the air) and then Donna is planning on setting up a Relay for Life in the spring... I plan on being strong enough by then to be there and run. I hear there is something called a survivor's lap. By then, I will have earned that honor and plan to do it with pride. I cannot wait!

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  1. You are so inspiring!!!