Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Out!!!

The cancer, that is.  Dr. Warden just came to see us and gave us the good news that the double mastectomy is done and there were no surprises.  She said Nicole is doing well.  She didn’t lose much blood, and the right lymph node showed no cancer, which is great news.  (We already knew it was in the left one, and that has now been removed.)  Jen then spent some time with us and reiterated that Nicole is doing great.  (We wouldn’t expect anything less, right?)

Dr. Cohen is now performing the second stage of the surgery – the reconstruction.  But as Jen just said: The tough part is now done.  The cancer is out.  (LOVE THOSE FOUR WORDS!)


  1. Thank you Frank, for keepig us informed. Prayers do get answered. With the army of supporters that Nicole has, how could he not hear us. Since I can't be there to give her a big kiss when she is out of recovery, please do it for me. Best news I could have every heard. Thank you God. Mom "M"

  2. GREAT GREAT news!! I am so happy to hear! Nicole and your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers! ~Joanne C

  3. Continuing to pray for Nicole! So glad to hear this wonderful news. Hope the rest of the day goes just as smoothly (minus the noisy bear :) ).

  4. Thanks for all the updates so far! You have me both laughing and crying at the same time...not unlike Nicole's blogs!

    SO happy for all the good news...more prayers and thoughts for everyone!

    patty (QP HS friend)

  5. I am absolutely beyond thrilled that the cancer is finally out-and that Nicole is doing well. Thank you for keeping us all informed. I am literally in happy tears!!!!!!!! Give your sister a kiss for me; and tell her I sent all of my love and prayers to her and your entire family. Continued thoughts and prayers, and tons of love heading your way!!!!!!!!! Keep up the excellent work Nicole-you'll do awesome and fantastic!!!!!! :) Love and gentle hugs-Chrissy Clinton (QPHS friend)

    Love and Prayers, Mom Mom and the Coach