Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, first follow up with the reconstructive surgeon went without hitch. In fact, it went very well. Dr Cohen proclaimed that I was doing fabulous! Thanks Doc! I'll galdly take that lovely validation from a professional. She took out half of my drains. Yay! The drains were always one of the things that freaked me out most about the surgery. So knowing they are half gone is a victory. And I am just a little bit more comfy. To top that off, my bonus was that she has released me from having to wear a bra ever again!

Yes folks, when you go through the type of reconstruction I am having, your body acts as its own bra. Once your heal enough, you are good to go! Yippee! The women's libber in me dances for joy. I probably will still wear a tank top or a sports bra just for comfort sake, but its not needed for physical support. No more underwires!! I know some of you ladies out there are jealous!

On another note, tonight, as I was scrolling through the facebook news feed, I saw a post from the Catholic Church (yes, they have their own fb page, people). Here was the passage posted this evening: "And I will tell you one more thing: Take these graces not only for yourself, but also for others; that is, encourage the souls with whom you come in contact to trust in My infinite mercy." Ok God. You got. You keep me living, I'll keep on fighting, living, inspiring and preaching in my own way. If you wanted someone to help others, you already know you picked the right chick!

I had a special moment today. A dear friend of mine came in contact with the mother-in-law (and fellow survivor) of a newly diagnosed bc sister. She learned that this woman will be doing chemo first then mastectomy. She shared with her a post-surgery tip she read on my blog. Something minor that you wouldn't think of if you haven't walked this road yet yourself. Needless to say, the woman was very grateful to learn. Ahhhhh! I helped someone!

In my eyes, that is so much more fabulous than anything else! To learn, and share what I have learned with someone else: that, my friends, is fabulous! One more person to fight for. One of many yet to come!!


  1. "Some of you ladies out there are jealous!" Well, you don't need to call me out like that, woman. :o)

  2. So happy, and so proud of you Nicole!!!!!!!! There are no words to say how happy I am that you are doing so well post-surgery. :) Hope to catch up soon. Love you!!!!!

  3. Nicole
    So glad to hear that the reconstruction is fabulous, but in the words of Billy Crystal.....

  4. Nicole
    SHIT, I forgot to sign my name.
    Love and Kisses