Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Back

I'm doing ok. I am sore and tired. What's cool though is I woke up from surgery feeling like myself, a painful version of myself, but still me. I almost expected to come out feeling like a different person. But in a blink it was over and I was recovering. (well for me anyway, but not for my friends and family.)

The docs were amazing. And as you know, I was released fairly quickly. I'm still in a decent amount of pain and discomfort obviously. I'd say the best way to decribe it is to say that I feel like I did a million push ups. It's mainly a muscle-achey feeling through my arms and chest. But I have to remember the cancer is out so it's worth it.

The visiting nurse came yesterday. She was highly impressed w the reconstruction surgeon's work. She actually said that it's the best post-mastectomy surgery she has ever seen. Woohoo! Go me!

What an odd scene. I'm was standing there in my mom's bathroom with the nurse, my mom and my cousin checking me out. Odd. But a good odd considering there were no "oh shit" faces, I was relieved although I'm not ready to look. Apparently, by the time this is all over I should have a great rack. Go figure!

Unfortunately, I feel anything but fabulous at this point. I look forward to getting the drains out which is the first major step in surgery recovery. I hope they take at least some of them out Monday. They are just annoying.

Here's my sweet child moment. He came up this morning to say hi. He asked me if I had taken my medicine yet because it will make me feel better. That kid is so cute when he wants to be.

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous support, prayers and kind words. Every one of them is appreciated even if I don't get to respond back.

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  1. I am TRILLED that you are on your way to recovery!!! WOO HOO!!! We love you dearly! Kiss that little man for me (make sure you have lipstick on first....he will not know the kiss is from me without it) XOX, Zia