Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

BC awareness month is upon us, which means a tidal wave of pink. Some of the pink we will see are really exciting and touching. For example, watching a group of 13 year olds dedicating an awesome football game to breast cancer support (including my awesome nephew Michael and their team sporting their pink socks and tape, as they kicked some Howell butt on Sunday!). Some pink can be inspiring, like seeing pictures of the sea of 13,000 people strong sporting pink for the Komen Race for the cure this past week, or the team of 50 that will be proudly wearing pink shirts that say "Nicole's Angels" on their backs in two weeks. For those who haven't heard of it, there is a pink fire truck that is signed by survivors that rolls around northern NJ that is pretty amazing. And of course, you will know my mini-van when you see it because it has my pink "fight like a girl" sticker on it.

But some of the pink is down right goofy. There are plenty of things to chuckle about out there, and I want to share with you some of what I have found.  I am proud to say I lost my boobs, not my sense of humor, so here goes. For example, Mattel had come out with a Breast Cancer Barbie. She's lovely sporting a fancy hairdo and a glamorous gown (pink of course). Of course the proceeds went to research, etc. which is great. Then some survivors countered with the "real" breast cancer barbie. She has a shaved head, comes with a tube top made of gauze, lymphadema wraps, a pathology report, an iv drip and a toilet bowl! Ah, now that is a real life depiction! Gotta love that survivor sense of humor.

I also thought it was necessary to have breast cancer pens that also claim to "help prevent check fraud." Yes, I have bought these pens, although I am still not certain how those two are linked. The irony is, they are made by Uniball. That made me wonder if they have pens to support testicular cancer too. I mean, it only seems appropriate. Or how about the pink ribbon beer pong table? Sometimes drinking games are just the way to go. Ignore the fact that excessive drinking can be linked to breast cancer. Or how about the fact that KFC had buckets of their original fried chicken (yes breasts of course) in their "buckets for the cure" campaign? There are so many issues with this, all I could do was chuckle! Then there is the very fancy pink ribbon cigarette holder that I found online. REALLY? Nothing says cancer support than a pretty mechanism to hold your tobacco.

Oh and ladies, don't leave home without your pink ribbon mace!

I also found a breast stress ball. Yes, one that you squish to help relieve tension. And then I found a bottle coozy that is supposed to be a pink ribbon t-shirt. Not too unusual until you realize that it's molded to look like it has boobs under the shirt. Lovely. People are creative, I will give them that!


  1. Thank you for the chuckle!!! I need to find the breast cancer awareness pens, and the stress ball too. I have a pretty good amount of pink myself. :) Supporting breast cancer awareness, and helping to honor you-is what I want to do!!!!! :)All of my love always, and thoughts and prayers are with you. You continue to amaze and inspire me. I loved walking this weekend, to honor you, and will walk again next year to honor you as a survivor too!!!!!! :)


  2. I think my favorites are the bumper stickers that say, "Save second base!" :)