Thursday, October 20, 2011

One more to go, Dean Martin, and a little more chemo brain fun

Completed Round 7 today! I am so blessed and grateful that my blood work has held up so nicely throughout treatment! I would like to personally thank the nerdy scientist that discovered neulasta and my boss for allowing me to work from home as I am certain that this combo has kept me healthy and made it possible for me to keep on my schedule without delays. Seems almost unbelievable to me that the end of this is so very close now. Less than two weeks away until I am stuck with a 22 gauge needle for hopefully the very last time.  Today's treatment was uneventful. I slept through most of it again. Damm benedryl infusion. I tried staying awake, but I got so tired I got that numb face feeling that is typically reserved for too much alcohol.

Walking out of the infusion suite today was, well, sweet! Knowing that I am almost done is just surreal to me. I finally feel like I am on the downward slope of the mountain. I talked to my doc today about next steps! That was so lovely to finally be at that point where that conversation was more than just mere speculation. The only thing that is disappointing is that they won't do any follow up scans until radiation is done. I want one now to tell me all is good. I'm not the most patient patient. Oh well.

After treatment, Mom and I went to dinner at a lovely restaurant across from the hospital (for those of you who know the story, it's the place where much of my family enjoyed a delightful 3 course meal while I was coming out of 8 hours of surgery). Anywho, I realized the music that was playing tonight was upbeat Dean Martin collection. It took me back to Gram and Grandpa's house over the years. If you at their house on a Sunday, your experience likely included pasta, meatballs, grated cheese, and at some point Dean Martin serenaded you. He was a mainstay that in my recollection was brought to us via 8-track, then cassette tape, then eventually cds, as Grandma got more modern. I felt like it was her way of telling me that she's here and is celebrating too that I am almost done. It was better than her biting me in the cemetery last time.

Now, before I wrap this up, I thought I would share a few more chemo brain incidents with you since I know several people found it amusing:

  • The other day, I popped into Hess Express while fueling up the van to grab a drink. For a moment, I forgot that I had to pay for said drink and caught myself almost walking out the door without paying. What? Cancer patients don't get freebies at convenience stores? Well, that's a bummer. 
  • Then one recent morning, I went to brush my teeth. Just as I was about to shove the tooth brush into my mouth, I saw Cookie Monster smiling at me. Ooops. That's not mine! 
  • A few days later, Steven and I were both brushing our teeth, when he started freaking out right after he put his toothbrush in his mouth. Apparently, he was none too fond of the grownup minty stuff instead of his usual toddler fruity flavored tooth paste. Ooops again! Sorry buddy!
  • Oh and attempting to do brain teasers and letter puzzles during infusion equals not the best way to win. The letters were swirling and kind of resembled numbers, so I decided to stop and nap instead.
  • And earlier this week, I got locked out of my work computer this week because I had to change my password and couldn't remember what I changed it to. So my IT guy reset it at something generic that I just struggle to remember. Every time I go to login, I screw it up. If you want to mess with a patient, change their login. 
Please continue the prayers. I still need them on this journey. Pray that I finish stronger than I started. Pray that the treatment was effective. Pray that some day soon, I officially hear the words "You are cancer-free" and get my remission date (pray extra hard on this one!). And pray for my family. They have gracefully endured more hell than anyone should have to endure.

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