Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating a hero

Happy birthday Dad! In the past few months, wonderful people have called me a hero. I don't see it that way, but perhaps I just learned from the best. In emulating a hero, perhaps I have begun to resemble one. I didn't run into burning buildings to save lives for a living. I didn't carry others to safety. I just watched and learned that life is precious and worth fighting for from someone who lived that every day.

Perhaps being the daughter of a firefighter is what gives me courage in the face of fear. Perhaps I gained my strength from watching him. I know I got my work ethic and determination from him (just as him the mullygrubs story sometime). I learned the power of thinking positive from him. And I certainly learned the importance of family and faith.

So thanks, Pop for always living an example. Thank you for just being there, and letting me know how loved I am. You being you made me who I am. Hope you didn't get your keyboard too wet reading the post. You're the best, and I am blessed.

On another note, one week and a wake up until my last treatment! But who's counting?


  1. I am counting Nic!!!
    .... tick....tick....tick...Here's to the new you, renewed body, renewed spirit, renewed beginning, renewed life.
    Love you Friend,


  2. I am counting down with you too!!!!!!!! You will be cancer-free sooner than you think. I hope your dad had a fantastic birthday!!!!!!! :) Love, hugs, and prayers always. So proud of you. Love you too-


  3. Dear Principessa,
    Thank You!
    Sorry I did not respond sooner, but my keyboard shorted out due to the tears. It's up and running again.
    But the truth be told it is You, with your Beautiful Heart and your Mother with her Golden Heart Who are the true Heroes!!!
    Love and Prayers,