Sunday, October 16, 2011


Let me share with you an experience I had this morning. I had to load a few things into the van. I had already pulled the van out of the garage, so I had to go out to do it. When I stepped out into the crisp, chilly pre-dawn air, an old familiar feeling and then memory came over me.

For those of you who don't know, my grandparents were brave souls who often took long road trips during the summers with their grandchildren. Part of the experience was riding "Big Nick" style. My grandfather was a truck driver his whole life, and learned that if you are going to be traveling, the best time to start was before the sun came up. So many a morning, he would be drag us kids out of bed at an ungodly hour, and we would be leaving a hotel by 5 am and on the road to our next destination. As you might imagine, it was often chilly as we would pile into the car.

So this morning, when I walked out, I had a deja vu. I felt like I was walking out to the old Caddy in the parking lot with Grandma and Grandpa. So, I ask myself, perhaps are there are two more walkers on my team today? I believe so. And for those who put me down in the poll as the first to cry... You win!


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  1. Your grandparents were walking with us today and feeling extremely proud. There was such love in the air. And I know for a fact Big Nick was a crowd of 6,000 people he led us to Karen.