Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love november!

Truth be told, November has always been a busy month of celebrations for me. 2011 will be extra special.

It starts off with brother and sister-in-law's anniversary and the birthday of my wonderful friend Jen who has been in my life since the day I was born. Then, my beautiful cousin Carianne's birthday. Then, my most precious little boy's birthday. Then, my Grandma Carrie's birthday which I know she is celebrating in heaven with Grandpa, Big Bill, Uncle Bill and Uncle Mike. Then comes the birthday of my lovely cousin Alison. Then comes our anniversary (which will have extra special meaning this year), which also happens to be the birthday of a very special man (Mr. Woodhull) and the anniversary of two of my favorite people on this planet. Then, we move on to my beautiful Goddaughter Anna's birthday and the very next day is my big brother Chris's birthday. Then my parent's anniversary (the two most amazing, wonderful parents in the world. I hope they know how blessed I feel that they were in my corner since I got sick). That's followed by the very first anniversary of my wonderful cousins Jami and Billy, whom I could not have survived these past 5 months without. Then it's time for some turkey, stuffing and a brutal football game in Holmdel. WHEW!

So YEAH. lots to celebrate... And add to the mix that I am now done with chemo, and what more could a girl want? (oh maybe just a few good scans from the doc...) Certainly, I have much to be thankful for.

With chemo behind me, I have so much to look forward to. I think it will hit me two weeks from now when it's the first time I won't have to go to an infusion! How wonderful that will be. Ahhhhh.

And since I know chemo brain stories are always good for a laugh, here's one for you. Last night, I was up late working on the book. In my attention deficit mode, I clicked over to, and went to print off my article that was published there so I could have a copy. I hit print, and forget about it. I go back to writing. Mind you, this is occuring at about 1 in the morning Suddenly, I hear this ruckus out in the middle of the house. I panic. Steve was snoring in bed (like most normal people do at that hour). I sneak out into the hallway to see if I really did hear something, and I hear it again. My heart nearly stopped thinking there was someone lurking in our family room. I went to turn and run back into the bedroom, until I realize that the noise was the printer... Oh what is wrong with me?

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