Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going into this chemo like all others, with a prayer.

I am asking for an extra special prayer tonight. Please pray that tomorrow goes well, and that it is the very last chemo that I ever need. Pray that God heals me and that I am restored to health and that I live a long life from this point on.

I cannot believe it's finally here! I am so relieved. I am ready to close this chapter of my life. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. One that I have gained much from, but one I hope to never have to repeat.

I know that this has come into my life for many reasons, and I do believe that it will not be for naught. So I am grateful for the woman this has made me. I don't regret the choices I have made to respond to this challenge in my life. But I do want to leave this whole beast in my past.

I can only imagine how I will feel in 24 hours. I believe it will be just such a heavy weight lifted to know that I will finally be "infused for the last time.

I have high hopes for tomorrow. November 2 is a very blessed day in my family. On November 2 more than 50 years ago, Aunt Bern and Uncle Tom met for the very first time, starting a life long love that would inspire even to this day.  Then 22 years ago, my beautiful "baby" cousin Carianne was born, and the world became a brighter place. So I can only figure that is a good sign. Good things come our way on November 2nd. I can only believe that this year is no exception.


  1. As always, you have all of my love, thoughts, and reverent prayers tomorrow. I hope and pray that things go well for you tomorrow-more than well for you tomorrow, and you can leave the chemo, and the cancer beast, behind you. As I am volunteering at the hospital tomorrow, I will add you as a special prayer request, and if I remember, and am able to, I will go to the chapel for you and say a special prayer. You will do just great tomorrow. So proud of you. Good luck!!!

  2. I am so proud to share this special day with you! I love you <3

  3. It is hear, and what a day to finish. Good luck today and always, I am so proud of you, you did it and without complaining. It is special to finish on Cariannes Birthday, for you two are so special in many ways, and so alike. Kick chemo in the ass, and lets celebrate Sunday. Love you always.