Thursday, November 17, 2011

The girl with the radiation tattoos.

Yup, that would be me. Today was radiation prep day. It included 3 doctors' appointments: one with my oncologist to clear me, one with the surgeon to finish the pre-radiation fills, and one with the radiation oncologist to prep, mold and mark me. The first two were uneventful. The third was interesting, in a good way. I learned more about the radiation process.

First, they made my treatment mold. They basically fill a plastic pillow case with this substance that looks like pancake batter. I laid down on it, and it puffed up around me, and hardened. Pretty cool actually. The point of the mold is to get me to lay in the same exact position every time. I hope I picked a comfy position. Then they did a cat scan so they would know where to aim the beams. Once that was done, they marked me with 8 tattoos.

Is it strange for me to say that I think I might actually enjoy radiation? I found laying in the mold to be pretty relaxing, which is essentially all I will be doing during treatment. I felt very much like I was lying on a blanket on the beach. Can't beat that right?

Ok, seriously, who every thought I would be the chick with 9 tattoos and fake boobs? God must be having a good chuckle over that. Ah, the ironies of life.

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