Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Better and Better

I'm a little delayed in writing this post because I was exhausted from the little man's birthday festivities over the weekend. Yesterday was Grandma Carrie's birthday. Her legacy still lives strong in her family. We are a large, close knit family. We are not perfect, but we love one another and are there for each other. We are taught at a young age to think positively, and that mentality becomes part of who we are.

My grandmother was a tough lady, but kind as could be. She stood up for what her heart told her, stood by her man for more than 60 years of marriage, and stood up for her faith. When she was younger, she walked daily, and prayed daily. She had the most wonderful laugh, and if you watch closely for it, you can still see that laugh in my father and my aunt today.

She was incredibly loyal. If you asked her, she would tell you she married her first boyfriend. She and Grandpa started dating when she was 14. I was blessed to be there when she died, and saw Grandpa's heartache as he realized what had happened. She was 89, and he was there with her every day since they started going out. Now that's love and commitment. For those of you who know the story, "he appreciated" her.

She was strong. After Uncle Bill died, I know it was hard for her to press forward, but she did. She didn't let her heartache stop her. She learned to smile again. And life did get better, perhaps because she willed it so.

She also made her health a priority. Knowing that she had dangerously high blood pressure, she did whatever she could to help keep herself healthy. She was incredibly diligent about her sodium intake, and excercised daily right up into her 80s. She took responsiblity for herself, and was determined not to let her own actions cause her ill health.

The hallmarks of being Carrie's granddaughter are these: strong faith, positive thinking, the importance of family, loyalty, standing up for what is important to you, being responsible for your own health.

This morning, I made it a point to start a new healthy habit. I was up at 6 am and hit the gym. I continue to learn from the examples of those around me. Excercise and diet are statistically linked in reducing recurrance risk. I can't predict the future, and I don't know what will happen with cancer in my body. All I know is I will do whatever I can on my part to keep it at bay. Here's to working towards a healthier future. Here's to life getting "better and better."


  1. I am so proud of you. You are one amazing, inspirational, tough cookie. Keep on reaching for those positive thinking, and keep reaching for the better and better!!!! My love, thoughts, prayers, and strength continue to be with you-now and always.


  2. I think we all have all those great, and positive traits from Grandma. There was no one better than her. You are a true piece of her, and live life like her. So positive, warm, and loving. Be strong, get to the gym, and eat right, and you will be fine. Nothing ever is going to mess with you, cancer learned it lesson. Love ya and so proud of you cuz