Saturday, September 10, 2011

I made it through

I am pretty proud of myself. I made it all the way through the wedding and was able to enjoy myself. A big thanks to the 5 anti-nausea meds that carried me through. It was nice to be able to celebrate something positive, and I am so glad that the wedding was friday and not today or sunday. That would have made it much harder. Today required a lot of catch up sleep. Two naps later, I'm going back to bed in a bit.

I am feeling so much more hopeful. I received my last infusion of AC. THANK GOD! It's amazing what hope there is in knowing that hurdle is behind me. I know the next few days will be rough, but this should be the last time I will deal with this particular brand of nonsense. Everyone tells me the next batch will be easier.

I did get some disappointing news on Friday. My doctor informed me there is a shortage of Taxol which is the next drug of my protocol. There is a "sister" drug available, but the regimen is different. Instead of every 2 weeks for 8 weeks, this is every week for 12! UGH!!! Damn pharma companies. They need to free up the overtime money for their manufacturing operations and make more! It's not the end of the world, but it is annoying. I would consider switching hospitals to one that has Taxol in supply, but after two trips to the ER already, I realize the value of being affiliated with a local facility. Please say a prayer that my medical team is able to drum up ehough doses for me that we don't have to switch. The thought of doing this every week until December is daunting.

One overly solicitious note: I was contacted recently by a representative of Reader's Digest. I had submitted an abbreviated version of my very first blog post to them for entry in a contest and consideration for publication. They indicated that they are interested in potentially doing so! How exciting! I would appreciate it if anyone who is on facebook would vote for my entry in the online contest. Here is the link:

Thanks all. Have a good night!


  1. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that your doctors can find just enough Taxol for you so that you don't have to prolong your treatments until December. You are doing great, and of course, and as always, my love, thoughts, prayers, support, and strength are always with you. I voted for you too for the Reader's Digest contest, and will do so again. Hang in there; you are a true fighter, and an inspiration to many. You can do this. I have so much faith in you.


  2. Ok - just had look up the word solitious - Good One!