Monday, September 5, 2011

The end of summer.

Tomorrow, I begin my work-from-home adventure. I am truly grateful for the compassion my company is showing me. I am hoping that I can repay the service by being productive and making a difference, even if it's from afar. I do realize what a blessing my current employment situation is, and when I think of how I almost left for a different opportunity three weeks before I was diagnosed, I realize yet again that the Big Man upstairs is looking out for me.

I do miss having to think about work. Not that I am excited for some of the drama and nonsense that comes across my desk (and believe me there is plenty coming - I just know it), but I am relieved to have something other than medical details to think about. I wonder if this will make me start to feel a little more like the old me again. I just am not sure. I think that it could help life feel a bit more normal, but then again, I am not sure anything can reverse the way the past 3 months have changed my world. I guess time will tell.

It's ironic how I am returning to work the same time that school is starting up again. I can't quite say this was the summer vacation of my dreams. I didn't get to have time relaxing at the beach. I attempted two trips to the beach in the last three months: one was successful, the other, not so much. I didn't get to have day trips or vacations. I spent much of my time laid up in a bed or on a couch, feeling like crap. I spent it figuring out how to make my body viable and functional, trying to minimize side effects so I could feel halfway human. I pray that all of this was a sacrifice worth making, one which will provide me with many, many years of health on the back end. I hope that instead of being a spectator stuck in a house, this summer of setbacks will allow me to live life again and enjoy such relaxation or fun festivities.

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  1. You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow, as you have been for the past three months. Good luck tomorrow-I am sure you will do great. Love, prayers, and strength to you always.