Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Accomplishing Goals

My goals in recent months have been focused on doing whatever I can to be well and give myself the best fighting chance. Now that almost 6 months has gone by, I thought it would be a good point to go back and assess what I wanted to accomplish. Here goes. Chemo mini goals: • The first goal was to tolerate treatment well enough to know that I could continue with the clinical study - check • The second goal was to learn how to accept that this is a permanent part of my life at least for the foreseeable future – check • The third goal was to make lifestyle changes to support my wellness - check • The fourth goal was to survive the first two months without progression and be able to continue on treatment – check • The fifth goal was to be well enough to enjoy my Lourdes experience – check, check, double check. • The sixth goal was to modify my diet to boost my immune system to help me tolerate chemo well - check • The seventh goal is to get through the second set of scans with no progression – check (and a bonus check for tumor regression) • The eight goal was to get through the next round of scans with no progression, which would amount to 6 months of successful treatment (this was a number I had in the back of my mind from the beginning as a starter goal) – working on earning that check. Scans are next Friday and Sunday. Prayers gratefully accepted. I am proud of what has transpired in the past 6 months. I am grateful that it has been a positive experience all things considered. I would like to continue to strive towards goals. My ultimate goal of course is to one day hear the words “the study shows no evidence of hypermetabolic activity”. I will do a cartwheel when that happens. And I will video take it for everyone to get a good chuckle at my lack of coordination, and at the possibility of my wig falling off! In the meantime, I will continue to set mini goals for myself which will hopefully add up to me beating cancer, or at least me getting it to a point where it is less threatening. God is good… I am grateful for the opportunity to be treated and to achieve each little goal one at a time. Also, I would like to request additional prayers for a friend of mine who has been having some complications and goes to the breast surgeon tomorrow to see what is happening. Please pray that all is ok.

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