Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stuff I love

I realized something interesting today. I love my life. I love so many things about it. The wonderful companionship and love in my marriage. The joy of my child. The beauty of where I live. The smell of the ocean air. The sunshine that warms me. The career I worked so hard to attain. The way my van drives. The sound of seagulls. My wonderful, amazing parents. My adorable nieces and nephews. The sound of waves crashing. My brothers go have taught me much. The relationship I have with all of my doctors. My truly unbelievable friends. My life. It warms my heart. The only thing it don't like about it is the threat that it can be Away from me. Which brings me to one more thing I love. The fact that I am a stubborn pain in the ass who won't quit until she gets what she wants...

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