Tuesday, February 26, 2013

busy week

This week is a busy one for me. Today, I went to Hackensack to start the process for the enrollment in their clinical study. If I decide to go this route, it essentially will be Taxol chemo again with the possibility of Avastin which is under study for possible FDA indication in metastatic breast cancer. I did all the prep so that if I decide to go that route, the process is underway and treatment can begin soon. Needless to say, it was a LONG day, but I got through it. Thank you Donna for the company, moral support, and chuckles. Oh and for not letting me beat up the CT scan registration people.

Tomorrow is just a normal day in life for me. I work a full day. Not tests, no consults. Imagine that!

Thursday is where things get tricky. My consult with Sloan is at 4 in NYC. It's the big time! I am going to share Hackensack's thoughts with them and see what they have to say. Then I need to hunker down with Steven and think long and hard about what my next steps will be. Please understand that this is a really hard process for us. There is a possibility of switching oncologists this week. That's a very scary prospect for me.

Although we have struggled in our treatment success, I have developed a great relationship and very much respect my doctor. I actually was getting emotional at the thought of potentially leaving his practice. If it's what I need to do, then Steve and I will make that decision, and so be it. I will do whatever we decide is best. But it will be hard if leaving him is what we need to do.

Pray for me that I make the best decision for the best outcome for myself this week. Pray that I get clarity that I currently do not have.


  1. Positive thoughts that you get the clarity you need. Sending you peace and clarity.
    ~ Adriene

  2. Sending you peace and clarity. Will ask Father Jack to continue his prayers for you too. Positive thoughts and many, many prayers being sent your way. Just seeing this now, or I would have replied sooner. Good luck-all of the very best always.