Monday, April 30, 2012

Reframing monday

Of course, not many people love Mondays. Myself included. I have that usual feeling of wishing the weekend was longer, not wanting to get up and out of bed. But then I thought for a moment. I am lucky. I am well enough to get up and go. It wasn't so long ago that I was on disability. It wasn't do long ago that there were days that I couldn't stand long enough to make a pot of macaroni. Now, I am well enough and blessed to still have a job. So I'm not going to whine that it's Monday. I'm going to celebrate the blessings in my Monday. I started To up my commitment to exercise last week. My goal is to meet the ACS guidelines of 150 minutes per week. I exceeded that goal and and 240 minutes! I'm proud of that. I will hit the gym again today at lunch and have every reason to believe I will hit my goal again this week. Taxol two for mom today. She definitely is having a better experience with this drug. Please keep the payers coming!

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