Monday, January 2, 2012


Some of you may remember an earlier post (waaaay back in the beginning of the nonsense) that talked about my horoscope that predicted a "shedding of skin". That guy has always had a ridiculously uncanny ability to post insanely relevant predictions under Pisces. Well, I thought today, you might get a kick out of his prediction for the month of January. 

"If only a tiny fraction of the dreadful things that some folk expect from 2012 ever come to pass, what will we do? But that just goes to show how easily we can unnerve ourselves. None of those disasters will occur. Just as none of the problems in your own life, even the ones that keep you awake at night, are as serious as they seem. There is only one resolution you need to make. It involves freeing yourself from fear. " 

Well, damn... 

I cannot help but laugh at Jonathan Cainer's ridiculousness. Ahh, well, I guess if it can't hurt to take up that friendly advice. At the end of the day, fear has been one of the worst side effects of this whole ordeal. Being free from that will be the best gift. I have done my best to have faith, but fear does cloud that from time to time. To live cancer-free and fear-free is my goal.

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