Wednesday, January 4, 2012

dreaming of chemo brain and radiation

I found it pretty funny when I woke up yesterday morning and realized I had a chemo brain dream. Picture it: I was in a school-like setting and it was halloween. I was getting my costume on when I realized that  when I had shopped for my costume I must have had chemo brain. As I started to take the components of my costume out of the bag, I realized that they were a mish mosh of items. I had a grey shark hat (complete with teeth), a Giants jersey (no doubt inspired by their big win over the weekend), black evil looking wings, and leg warmers that look like chicken legs.

I laughed to myself in the dream and "remembered" that I had a few ideas when I was shopping and must have gotten distracted at the store and bought a little of each idea. I shrugged, and put all the craziness on, and strolled on out. In my dream, I got the looks you might have imagined, but I didn't care. If people asked what I was dressed as, I just replied "chemo brain".

Radiation is going along ok. I have 7 more treatments to go and am very much looking forward to being done. It's just a big hassle. My skin is getting pink and itchy now. It's normal for being this close to the end, but it's annoying none-the-less.

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