Friday, February 24, 2012

Gratitude practice

Now that I have posting ability from my phone, perhaps I will pick up the pace of posting. I know there is a small handful of people who miss it. Today, practicing gratitude is on my mind. Yes even at 4 am. How many of us take the time to thing about all we are grateful for? I hadn't focused on that in a while and I recently took up the practice again. It comes down to how we want to view our lives and circumstances. It's very easy to focus on the issues and challenges that bring us down. Problems are real and can weigh on us if we choose to allow them to.

However, as heavy as problems can be is as uplifting as gratitude can be. So I challenge you to join me each day, what are you grateful for? Today, I'm grateful for technology that makes posting easier. I'm grateful to have something to celebrate in challenging times. I'm grateful for modern medicine. I'm grateful for an amazing support system. I'm grateful for jami on her 34th birthday. And that's just what I am grateful for off the toP of my head at this moment.

Even when the road gets rough there is good to be found. Taking a pollyanna approach can help change the way the rough journey feels. It's about recognizing and appreciating the gifts.

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