Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear cancer...

Dear cancer,

We have known each other for almost two years now. I guess there are a few things you should know about me I would think you would have figured then out by now but it seems you're a little stupid. I might be generally nice and relatively forgiving. What you don't seem to realize is I can be a tenacious bitch when I want to be. I am a Jersey Girl, which means I am tough and feisty at times. I am three quarters Italian and one quarter German which means hidden deep in me is a stubborn streak a mile wide. And I had three brothers growing up which made me believe I could accomplish anything, and it taught me to throw a punch.
I know you are a relentless pain in the ass, cancer. And I know you are probably going to try to keep coming back. However, you need to know that I am going to keep fighting. I am going to be your worst nightmare. What you don’t know is that when the doctors try to convince me to take a treatment, I need no convincing… Any tools they have to give me to fight you, I will take and I will run with.
So if you enjoy being cut, burned, poisoned and starved, so be it. I am going to keep doing those things. You can rest assured of that.
And I will continue to focus on my healthful living (granted, the holidays allowed me to slide a bit off track, but it’s January now, and I am back in control of that). I do not intend to give you excuses to come back. I can’t control you, but I can control me. And I can control what I do to fight you.
Clearly, you haven’t learned your lesson. I will keep beating up on you as long as I am able, which you should know, I intend to be able for a very long time. I don’t give up a fight easily and even though I have been through one hell of an 18 months, I am re-energized, and ready to be called back into battle to kick your ass again should it be necessary. Seeing my L2 looking all healthy and pretty on the screen breathed new wind into my sails.
I pray we never meet again, but know that if we do, I will haul at those boxing gloves again. Do me a favor, just stay away for a while. Save yourself the embarrassment of my beating up on you, ok?

Most Sincerely,

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