Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The funny thing about history...

is that its being written every day. A year ago, I had no family history of breast cancer. But this year, history was made. Not in the way I would have liked, but we don't control what happens to us. We only control what we do with what we are given. Sometimes, that just means fighting like hell, fighting like a girl.

History also gets made by constantly evolving research. Every day, something new is learned. A new way to treat, a new way to save lives. For example, recently, there was research regarding the impact of osteoporis drugs on the treatment and improvement of survival rates particularly in premenopausal women like me. Woohoo!! Oh Dr Waintraub...

The good news is, there is much hope in breast cancer. I still wish it didn't exist in this world. I still hate it. I wish it stayed far away from me and my family. But I also am glad to be cut from a strong breed of women. We women of faith keep pushing forward and we do all we can to defeat this beast. I just wish we didn't have to.

2011 was the year when breast cancer came charging in, rude and unwelcome. 2012 however, will be the year it goes away, and when fear subsides, and there is nothing but pride and love left in its place. 2012 is the year we will be victorious!

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  1. You will win over this ferocious beast, and 2012 will be a beautiful year for you. Keep fighting, stay strong, and always know, and remember that I am behind you, 100% with my love, my thoughts, and my never-ending prayers. You are such an inspiration to so many...including me.