Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus... or something like that.

Yes, Momma, you will feel normal again.

I know the feeling well. You feel like you just can't shake the fog and the blah feeling. But you will. I promise. I know that it's demoralizing when you just don't feel well enough to do things you once did with ease. It's aggrevating that when you feel slightly better, and you have this burst of hope that things are getting better, you crash and burn. It's annoying that you just can't seem to shake the side effects.

I remember dreading swallowing liquids because my throat was more in repell mode more than inject mode. Sometimes, you just don't feel like doing the things that are good for you. Getting up and doing something basic for ten minutes feels like a day full of chores. It's just plain exhausting. It seems like it never will end.

But it will end. It just takes time. I am certain that never in your life will you more wish for a remote control to fast forward through time than you do now. I remember. And I feel that way now too. Unfortunately, crosses aren't easy to bear. But that's life. And when the cross gets too heavy, lean on us, or take a nap. There's nothing wrong with sleeping away this nightmare. Just remember, in the end, you will be victorious, and really, that's all that matters.

Life will feel normal for you again sometime soon. Aside from this foray into being on the caregiver side now, my life is starting to pick up where it left off. I am back to work full time, including travel. My Mary Kay business is doing great, all because I am able to work at it again. Steven is thriving (and dare I say, finally pretty close to being potty trained. Not one accident today! Yippee!)

So hang in there, Mom. The road is long, but you will not walk it alone. And the sun will be shining when you get to the other side of this. In the meantime, let our love carry you through.

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