Saturday, June 22, 2013

Waiting on the next chapter.

The past two months have flown by. They have been packed with all kinds of exciting things. First, my pilgrimage to Lourdes. Then my adventure at Citi field at the honorary bat girl. Then the CSC survivor's day walk. In between all of that was regular life: t-ball games, birthdays, graduations, time with family, work.

The important point to make here is despite Stage IV cancer, (or perhaps because of it) I'm blessed. I
am here. I am able to participate in many things. Several of those experiences would not have happened if I did not have cancer. My life is forever different living with this disease, but that isn't all bad. It just takes a little extra effort to find the good.

I know that cancer is scary demon to face. I face it every day, and likely will for as long as I live. I hope that is for a very long time, but I know that is not up to me. What is up to me is how I choose to manage it, and where I choose to let cancer take me.

Today, I sit between more answers. I had a pet scan yesterday and tomorrow I get a bone and ct scan.... All to see if treatment is working. It's so terrifying because the fear of the unknown is a beast. By Monday, the next two months should reval themselves. In the meantime, I will live my life because I am here and I can.

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